Products handled


We have many types of pumps for various purposes: clear water, industrial water, wastewater, viscous liquid, foods, etc.

  • Agitators

    We have many types of agitators for various purposes: water disposal, chemical plant, paper and pulp, medical, foods, etc.

  • Blowers

  • High-pressure washing machine

    We have many types of high-pressure washing machines for various purposes: controlling dust, cleaning drain pipes, mounting on vessels, washing agriculture equipment, peeling the barks of fruit trees, etc.

  • Electrolytic Apparatus for preparing hypochlorous acid water

    “Electrolytic hypochlorous acid water” is created only from water and saltsafely. It can be used to sterilize foods (chopped vegetables, fishery products, etc.) and plant facilities.

  • Water spray supplying unit for unloader

    (In-house developed product)
    It is a water spray supplying unit equipped with the unloader that unloads iron ores, coals, etc. at the iron mills, port facilities, etc.

  • Other water treatment related products(tanks, valves, measuring instruments, etc.)