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Our company, JAPAN PUMP ENGINEERING CO., LTD., has been established since 1977. For 43 years, we have provided water disposal products such as pumps, agitators, blowers, etc., for mainly water treatment facilities and a variety of plants, and as the result, we have gained trust from our customers.
Additionally, as an in-house developed product, we designed and produced a water spray supplying unit for the domestic and foreign ports, harbors bureaus, and iron mills. Through our business, we have contributed to the environmental preservation.
Based on current developed technologies, we analyze customers’ detailed needs and we select the best product from numerous or several manufacturers and propose it to the customer. By doing this, we perform the role as “engineering trading company”.
We deal with almost all major Japanese manufacturers of water disposal products listed as above, and we are happy to provide “Japanese Quality” reliable products to the customers worldwide.
We continue to improve our technical and specialized knowledge daily in order to have returning customers in the future.

October 2020Hironori Nishi

  • Grundfos Pumps K.K. Official Distributor
  • ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. Official Distributor
  • Furukawa Industrial Machinery Systems Co., Ltd. Official Distributor